Biology Meets Hope & Hard Work in a Small Town.


Robert & Suzy Currey, Social Investors

Robert and Suzy Currey have spent most of their working lives involved in the home furnishings industry.  In 1969, the Currey's began Storehouse, a retail home furnishings company. When they left the company in 1982, it had grown to 28 stores. Their most recent business, Currey & Company, from which they are mostly retired, was begun in 1988 and is a manufacturer of lighting and both interior and garden furnishings.  

The Currey's got serious about healthier eating and organic gardening some time ago.  This interest led them to start seriously gardening after they bought a historic home in Sparta in 2002.   Going from Atlanta to one of the poorest counties in Georgia put the need for community revitalization in front of them in a way that it had never been before.  They were inspired to take action on community involvement as well as investments in two small businesses:  Elm Street Gardens and Sparta Imperial Mushrooms.  The mushroom business came about through their connection with Jonathan Tescher who was also interested in developing an agricultural business that was concerned with community relationships. 


Brownlee Currey, Owner & Investor

Brownlee Currey is the president of Currey & Company, a home furnishings and lighting business (, which was begun by Robert and Suzy Currey.  Brownlee Currey is their son and assists them in a number of their projects and endeavors.  An Atlanta native, Brownlee worked at Crate & Barrel prior to working for Currey & Company and was a photography major at Kenyon College.  Continuing his interests from his teens he and Robert  maintain a bonsai garden in Sparta and his current photo work is known as RBC Image and may be seen on FaceBook and Tumbir.  Most of Brownlee’s time is spent traveling the world on Currey & Company business, but he also enjoys cooking, eating and sometimes selling Sparta Mushrooms.