Our fresh mushrooms are wonderful in many recipes, but to simply enjoy them, you don’t have to go to a whole lot of fuss.  Sautéed mushrooms are a wonderful side dish and our shiitake, iion’s mane and oyster mushrooms provide significant health benefits in addition to a wonderful taste.

Shiitake mushrooms may be simply sautéed in butter or olive oil.  Trim the stems off (you may save them for making stock or discard).  You may cut them into smaller pieces or leave the smaller ones whole and sauté for no longer than 7 minutes.  Add salt and pepper and serve!  I also like to add them to a pan of caramelized onions and serve mixed with a good pasta. 

Lion’s mane and oyster mushrooms may also be sautéed in the same fashion.  Lion’s mane mushrooms have more moisture content and need to be cooked a bit longer. 

I have also been using Lion’s Mane Mushrooms quite successfully as a great addition to vegetable soup.  Just trim to appropriate size pieces and toss in your soup in the last 20 or 30 minutes of cooking.  They add a really nice flavor and texture to the soup.  I have also used them in our vegan chili with great success.